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©️ Copyright Claim Release

If you've received a © copyright claim on your  YouTube  video/-s with my music used, you've come to the right place. Let me guide you through how to resolve this.
First of all, thank you for choosing my music for your  YouTube  content. I'm a huge supporter of creators and letting them use my music on monetized videos without any issues, it'll always stay like that, you keep 100% of your generated revenue from your content, as long as you've followed usage policy.

Why did I get a copyright claim? ©️

While I do let content creators use my music, only thing I've always asked for in return was a mention of a full song title or leaving a link to my YouTube channel in description. In other words, a simple credit. That's not much to ask, right? In exchange, you get to fully monetize your video that will stay claim-free at all times.
➡️ So, it is possible you simply forgot to credit me, that's why you got a copyright claim. Very important - read and follow next steps to release the claim.

How do I fix this? 🛠️

But I already credited you and still received a claim 😠

There are a few potential causes for this:

* If the claim does not disappear after you've filled the form within 72 hours, please, get in touch with me via email and we'll get it fixed ASAP.

How to properly use my music? 🎶