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Received a copyright claim but credited music properly? Read here how to fix it
You are allowed to use this track for monetized YouTube and Twitch content, as long as full song title is credited in description, video or in comments section. Check template below!
You are allowed to use this track for school projects, radio shows and podcasts.
*Using my music on Facebook or Instagram can cause unpredicted copyright claims, be aware!
You are prohibited to sell this track.
You cannot claim this track as your or someone else's work.
You cannot use this track, without giving credits.
You cannot use this track on TV, commercials or games without permission.
Credit template (just copy and paste it)
In case your video gets copyright claimed and you've followed all the rules, please, ➡️ read more about it here how to fix it.
Licensing and commercial use, or simply when in doubt: send me an email.